Brewdog Outpost Hot Wing Challenge

Brewdog Outpost Hot Wing Challenge Hot wings and beer. Three words which usually instill a [...]

Shrewsbury Food Festival 2019

Shrewsbury Food Festival 2019 (Banned from Samples the Hottest Sauce at The Show) [...]

Reaper Ketchup Takes Awards 2019

Ketch The Reaper (Reaper Ketchup) I think we’re doing something right! Daddy Cool has worked [...]

Ketch The Reaper – Award Winner 2019

Ketch The Reaper – Award Winner! Flaming victory for Ketch The Reaper at The 12th [...]


Reaper Ketchup Wins

Ketch The Reaper Achieves 2 Gold Stars From Guild of Fine Foods 2018 I’m sure [...]

Hot Chillies Are Not For The Faint Hearted

“My cousin once ate a whole Scotch Bonnet Chilli!” “I once ate a Habanero chilli [...]

Tom Kerridge Presents – Pub in the Park

If you’ve made it this far, you’re either a dedicated reader of the Daddy Cool [...]

Happy New Year Chilli Heads from Daddy Cool

Chili heads, chutney and pickle lovers and all-round sauce connoisseurs, Daddy Cool would like to [...]

Great Taste Awards 2017

Guild of Fine Food It's happening already! The nights are getting slightly darker and if [...]

Man Wants meet Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce

When we met Steve and the gang over at a Food Festival earlier this summer, [...]