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About Us

Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce

As a father of 3 and husband to Annette I have always loved hot, spicy food. It all started as a hobby but then word soon spread and soon enough people were asking to try my products from the local pub to the internet so I created Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce.

Living here with the stunning backdrop of the High Peaks may not seem like an obvious choice for growing chillies but as a Geordie I’ve always relished a challenge!!Daddy Cool's Chilli Sauce

I grow several types of chillies, Carolina Reapers (World’s Hottest), Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia etc in our poly tunnels to supply us with enough produce to satisfy our needs but I am considering expanding soon as more and more people are buying our produce.

Growing chillies in the UK is not an easy task with our climate as most chillies are from hotter climates and require help along the way, I have to use lighting and specialist soil mix which is all organic (secret mix) 😉

Sure enough we soon had more than enough to satisfy our own cravings and made small batches of sauces, chutneys and pickles for friends. The reaction was astonishing at how much they loved the depth of flavour and heat.

As my wife comes from Caribbean decent I decided to aim for a few Caribbean chilli sauces to start with thus Jeepers Reapers Revenge, Scorpion Annihilation (Finish Him), Ghost Pepper (Extreme Caution) and Fatalii Attraction were created.