Welcome to the wonderful world of Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce. Being a lover of all things fiery I have spent decades tweaking and perfecting recipes passed down through the family and in recent years have been working my way into kitchens across the world.

Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce is a small family run business set in the beautiful backdrop of the High Peaks. We have been growing and expanding little by little every year and grow a huge variety of fresh chillies right here in our poly tunnels! As you can imagine, growing chillies here in the UK isn’t an easy task so with the help of lighting and my very own secret organic soil mix, I can ensure we have enough fresh produce to keep us going all year round!



I’ve always had a passion for spicy food but being a Geordie, my mind was far more focused on Stotties and Pease Pudding in the early years.  Thankfully my palate broadened when I met my Caribbean Queen Annette, and Jamaican food became a passion we could both share. After years of experimenting in the kitchen and finding new and exciting ways to feed my 3 kids, the future family business was staring us in the face. It was there in black and White. The marriage of Geordie comforts and the heat of the Caribbean was something we could put in a bottle and sell.

Given my wife’s Caribbean decent I decided to start with a few Caribbean chilli sauces thus creating Jeepers Reapers RevengeScorpion Annihilation (Finish Him), Ghost Pepper (Extreme Caution) and Fatalii Attraction.

Since then the Daddy Cool family has unleashed a range of products so diverse it makes Lady Gaga’s wardrobe look like a Primark clearance rail. Hot sauces, chutneys, jams, rubs, nuts and pickles are just some of the products people have been queueing up to try at food markets and festivals around the UK. It seems no one can resist our products once they try them. We’ve now also achieved a few Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food which only helps fuel our passion to one day be on the shop shelves in every store.!

All of the products that we sell are made in small batches with the freshest ingredients available, right here in Oakwood Cottage by me personally, so you needn’t worry about some Skynet-like facility pumping whatever they like into your food. Only the best for our customers.

If you’re new to the Daddy Cool range, we have detailed descriptions of all our products, plenty of outstanding reviews and a blog with loads of information right here just waiting for you. Have a read, fill your cart and make some room in the fridge.