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  • In n Out Fries

    In n Out fries are hugely popular in America, here’s our spicy version. Print Recipe In n Out Fries Daddy Cool Style Servings people Ingredients 2 large potatoes peeled and cut into even fries2 tbsp mayonnaise1 tbsp Daddy Cool’s Ketch the Reaper1 tbsp Daddy Cool’s Yellowbeards BBQ Mustard Sauce2 pickled gherkins finely diced1 tsp vinegar […]

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  • Reaper Ketchup

    Reaper Ketchup Wins

    Ketch The Reaper Achieves 2 Gold Stars From Guild of Fine Foods 2018 I’m sure you’ve heard before, but one of our products has been making quite a name for itself. It’s taken years to perfect and through sheer determination we’ve done it. A Carolina Reaper ketchup laced with just enough of the world’s hottest […]

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  • Okra and Garlic Bites

    Recipe created and photographed by Food I Fancy Print Recipe Okra and Garlic Bites Course Main Dish Prep Time 15 Cook Time 20 Servings Ingredients 1 Cauliflower cut into medium florets1 Medium potato peeled and chopped3 tbsp Daddy Cool’s Okra and Garlic PickleBreadcrumbs50 g Cornflour10 ml Cold waterVegetable Oil for frying Course Main Dish Prep […]

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  • Fatalii Attraction Fishcakes

    This recipe has been created and photographed by Food I Fancy Print Recipe Fatalii Attraction Fishcakes Course Main Dish Prep Time 10 Minutes Cook Time 30 Minutes Servings People Ingredients 260 g Boneless salmon fillets skinned2 medium Potatoes peeled and chopped2 tsp Daddy Cools Fatalii Attraction200 ml Semi-Skimmed Milk1 large Egg beaten100 g Plain flour5 Cloves3 […]

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  • Chicken Kebab

    Get the taste buds going with this easy to make Chicken Kebab using our very own Chipotle Rub. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not spice things up at the end by adding a splash of any of our sauces! Print Recipe Chicken Kebab Course Main Dish Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Servings […]

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  • Hot Chillies Are Not For The Faint Hearted

    "My cousin once ate a whole Scotch Bonnet Chilli!" "I once ate a Habanero chilli for a dare!" Or the worst one is "I have the extra hot sauce at Nandos!" YUCK! These are all the sort of things you would hear from someone who half-heartedly calls themselves a chilli addict. We've all met someone […]

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  • Tom Kerridge Presents – Pub in the Park

    If you've made it this far, you're either a dedicated reader of the Daddy Cool blog, or you really like the idea of visiting a Pub in the Park. I mean it sounds great doesn't it?! A hot summer's day with a cold pint in one hand and some good old-fashioned pub grub in the […]

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  • Happy New Year Chilli Heads from Daddy Cool

    Chili heads, chutney and pickle lovers and all-round sauce connoisseurs, Daddy Cool would like to formally welcome you to the beginning of the rest of your life! Or at least 2018! But it's halfway through January you may be asking?! Let's just say that New Year celebrations lasted a little longer than usual in this […]

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