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Health Benefits of Chillies

Chillies are not just tasty and fiery additions for making food more delicious, they also possess some real health benefits.

1. Help Against Inflammation

The intensity in chillies that produces mild to spicy content depends on a substance called Capsaicin.
And that, is in association with the inflammatory processes.

The amount of Capsaicin is dependent on the hotness of the chilli pepper. Some of the best known chillies – Jalapenos, contain a sufficient amount of Capsaicin, which is a powerful inflammatory agent that contributes towards reducing inflammation.

2. Clear Congestion

This is most likely the benefit which you know to be true, if you have had a spicy meal and felt your nose clearing up, even if your nose wasn’t congested much in the first place.

3. Pain Relief

Capsaicin which is a substance in chillies, is known for its pain management abilities, for conditions like osteoarthritis pain, sore muscles, arthritic pain and diabetic neuropathy to name a few.

Capsaicin is used in the making of various rubs and ointments that have soothing benefits.

4. Boosting Immunity

Although small and fiery, chillies are filled with multiple different vitamins and minerals, like potassium, magnesium and iron.
Chillies also have high levels of B vitamins, Vitamin A and most of all Vitamin C, which is the biggest contributor to a healthy immune system. 

5. Aiding Weight Loss and Help to Burn Fat

Chillies are great for increasing the metabolic rate, which helps towards the fat burning process.
As little as 10mg of red chilli pepper can be enough to significantly reduce appetite and increase fat burning.
The best results are acheived in combination with healthy diet and exercise.