Thursday Madness 2x 150ml Sauces + 40g Jerk Rub


End of The Lime Jalapeno Chilli Sauce

Mild - A zingy fresh and crisp Green Chilli Sauce that’s mild in heat but packs one hell of a punch in flavour!

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Fatalii Attraction

Medium - Fatalii Attraction really is a chilli sauce for all occasions, whether you’re having a night in with wine and cheese or a late-night kebab appreciation session, this is the one that covers them all.

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Ghost Chilli Sauce

Mild - Our Ghost Chilli Sauce gives heat and so much flavour, everything you should expect from the Daddy Cool range.

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Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce

Hot - A smoky rich BBQ flavour from the chipotle chilli which makes it great for chicken, pizza and kebabs. It’s possibly one of the hottest and tastiest barbecue hot sauces on the market today.

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Jeepers Reapers Revenge Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce

Hot - Daddy Cools Award Winning Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce has been made with flavour before fire!

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Jamaican Jerk Rub

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