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Superhot Honey Roasted Chilli Peanuts


Superhot Honey Roasted Chilli Peanuts

Blurb: Legend has it, there was once a comet which burned so hot, it never cooled down. It tore through Earth’s atmosphere and broke into a million pieces only to land in Daddy Cool’s back garden! Being the mad scientist that he is, Daddy Cool wanted to find a way to harness this heat while pleasing the senses and that’s when the Superhot Honey Roasted Chilli Peanuts were conceived.  An ideal spicy chilli snack for chilli heads.

Okay so maybe you won’t actually be munching on flaming pieces of space rock but you’ll understand after knocking back that first handful. An initial sweetness washes over your tongue before the heat that only builds and builds forces you to check for actual flames. That Honey roasted magic stays on your lips which makes giving them a lick an extra little treat after every brave helping.

These nuts are perfect for anyone who needs a quick chilli fix in the day or anyone who really wants to see their unsuspecting mates cry in the pub. While these nuts come in a more than generous packet, you’re going to want to buy a few packets cause they’re about as moreish as booze on a family vacation.

Be warned these are not to be sold to minors and caution is advised when handling, gloves are suggested while eating.

SUGGESTED USES: Consume with beer or when you need a chilli fix, try them crushed on top of ice cream or in a salad, drink more beer and consume more nuts.

We can also provide catering tubs, please ask for details.

Ingredients: PEANUTS (84%), Sugar, Honey (6%), Butter (MILK), Superhot Chilli Powder (3%), Salt, Garlic Powder.

For allergens see ingredients in BOLD CAPITALS.

80g Bag

Winner of National Chilli Awards
Fiery Foods Festival 2015
Winner of Best Chilli Snack


Clifton Chilli Club
Best UK Chilli Awards
The Peoples Choice

3rd Place
Daddy Cool’s
Chilli Nuts
Best New UK-Made
Chilli Product
Of 2015

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  • Comment: Fresh peanuts roasted in Daddy Cool’s blend of spices and served to you for pain or pleasure, have you got what it takes? Be warned these are not to be sold to minors and caution is advised when handling, gloves are suggested while eating.