Brewdog Outpost Hot Wing Challenge

Hot Wing Challenge

Brewdog Outpost Manchester and Daddy Cools Hot Wing Challenge

Hot wings and beer. Three words which usually instill a great sense of joy in the heart and soul of most. But for the few brave survivors of last year’s Brewdog Outpost hot wing challenge, only flashbacks of tunnel vision, excessive sweating and an uncontrollable lust for milk come to mind. 

All that being said, it seems only right to do it all over again at the same great bar. This coming January, Brewdog Outpost in Manchester will be hosting another explosive hot wing challenge featuring the very finest sauces Daddy Cool has to offer. 

What can you expect? Well like all great events there’ll be a great range of beers and enough of it to see you through the eye wateringly chilli inflicted pain. Dosages may vary depending on build and prestige, but 3 pints of Punk IPA seems to be a great way to prepare for the likes of XXX Badboy and its bigger scarier brother, Nil by Mouth. Why would anyone do this? Well it’s obvious really isn’t it! Hot wings are damn tasty and they only get better with the right hot sauce. When Daddy Cool’s involved there’s no such thing as a bad hot sauce. For all those brave soldiers who make it through Daddy’s cruel creations, not only will you forever be a legend in Daddy Cool’s hall of fame, there may just be a prize in it for you!  

For the fools coming back for more, don’t expect to breeze through this challenge quite as easy. The recipes have been ramped up, with a few new additions carefully selected to filter out the weak and unworthy.  

Warriors, we will see you there.  

January 15th 2020. 19:00