Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce has a rich and sweet flavour from the fruit.

A smoky rich BBQ flavour from the chipotle chilli which makes it great for chicken, pizza and kebabs. It’s possibly one of the hottest and tastiest barbecue hot sauces on the market today. Don’t be fooled as the amazing depth and flavour lures your tongue into a false sense of security. The Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce is preparing to unleash all hell with it’s crippling sting upon your pallet, that’ll have you reaching for more!

Scorpion Annihilation (Finish Him) has brought tears to many an eye since its creation.

Planning on buying a bottle of this hot stuff, please proceed with caution because it may very likely “Finish You”! You do have the option to try our mild not wild BBQ Sauce we’re sure you’ll like it.

SUGGESTED USES: It’s hot, so sweet, so smoky and perfect for anything barbecue related like cooked meats, goes especially great with pulled pork, splash it on kebabs and even pizza. We’ve even used it as a dipping sauce and like it. You must be cautious though as it will blow a non-chilli heads socks off! Let us know how you eat yours.

We can also provide catering tubs, please ask for details.

Ingredients: Roasted Plums, Fresh Trindad Scorpion chillies (14%), Chipotle Mash (12%) (salt, acetic acid), Onions, 100% Pomegranate Juice (from concentrate), Onions, Fresh Scotch Bonnet Chilli (9%), Pears, White Wine Vinegar (SULPHITES), Cider Vinegar (SULPHITES), Brown Sugar, Garlic, Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Smoked Paprika, Salt, Thyme, Black Pepper, MUSTARD.

For allergens see ingredients in BOLD CAPITALS.

150ml Bottle

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