East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival

Well so much for the three month heatwave the UK was promised! The skies are grey, the country has been divided and Jeremy Kyle is still on TV! It's safe to say it's not been the best summer so far, but worry not, there's still a load of heat to come! If you're anywhere near the North of England it's probably still going to chuck it down, but I'm talking about the East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival

If you don't know by now, East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival is the one place, every true Chilli head wants to be this summer.  Set on Orchard Farm, Nottinghamshire, the festival is a two day event which showcases the very best chili products, ales and other artisan products from all over the country. There will be live music over the two days to serenade you as you dominate the various competitions taking place. And that's not all, there's also entertainment for the little ones too. There will be puppet theatre productions and face painting, as well as much more! 

Prepare yourselves to be amazed at well over 70 stalls, and don't forget to take loads of spending money, because you'll obviously want to be buying a bag load of goodies from the 'Daddy Cool's' stall! Okay, so you may want to check out some of the other awesome vendors too, but just don't forget to come and say hi!

I would like to make one thing clear, when I said there'll be live music I meant real music. None of that Kanye or Taylor Swift! Visitors can expect music from; Unknown Era, The Damn Heavy, 94 Gunships, Steel Drum Band, Boris and The Space Cadets and many more. It's worth noting that Boris Johnson has not quit politics to become a musician though that would be great wouldn't it! Perhaps at next year's festival? 

Now at this point I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "I would love to go to this amazing festival, but where would I stay? How will I get home late at night? Where can I pass out after too many craft beers and a belly full of street food?" Well Daddy Cool has the solution! East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival has camping facilities! Yes, like all great festivals you can now return to the comfort of your own tent (or caravan) and start all over again in the morning. If you pre-book camping it can cost as little as £35. A small price to pay to wake up in such a cool place!  

The festival is happening Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th but if you do decide to camp for the weekend, the guys at Chilli Bobs Farm will even let you arrive on Friday! Which gives you enough time to take in the beautiful surroundings and maybe even check out Southwell Minster.  

Where do I sign up? 
Early bird tickets are available online for only  £4.50 (not including camping) with kids going free and other tickets only costing £7 after that! Head on over to their website for more info.

Here it is: www.em-chillifest.co.uk  

Hope to see you there!  

Daddy Cool…

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