The health benefits of chilli

The fact you've made it to Daddy Cool's blog indicates you're no stranger to spice. I know for many, the desire for chilli seems to be an unexplainable craving, almost an addiction, but there are many reasons why this addiction may be the best thing to happen to you since sliced bread (or kebabs).  Whether you enjoy a handful of chopped finger chillies on the occasional curry or an assortment of superhots chillies on near enough everything, you could be doing far more for your body than you realise.

The obvious ones!
One of the most obvious and undeniable benefits of the hot stuff is that it works wonders on the sinuses. There's no better way to clear up those stuffy airways than a generous helping of chilli. Yeah sure, you may be a snotty mess by the end of your meal, but hey, you can breathe now right? You've probably been told numerous times by parents/grandparents or anyone who thinks of themselves a dietician that oranges are the key to beating a cold? Rubbish! Did you know that a single chilli can contain up to seven times the amount of vitamin C as one orange?

Another brilliant benefit is that chilli can keep your digestive system running like clockwork. It would be easy to believe that something that can be so irritating to your insides must surely be bad for them? Well it's actually quite the opposite. Chilli can speed up digestion, ease constipation and is also suspected to prevent cancer! Talk about a wonder drug! 

Weight loss

So it's been a few months. You've been desperately trying to drop a few pounds (or kilograms) that you put on at Christmas, but no matter how hard you try, those wobbly bits just won't shift. Even if you are completely happy with yourself, we all know at least one person who swears by a different diet on a near weekly basis. Cut carbs? Meal replacement shakes? Counting calories? Why not just munch on a handful of Carolina Reapers a couple of times a day! Okay, so that may be a little extreme but chilli is great at helping you lose weight. Not only does it speed up your metabolism making sure your body absorbs all that energy efficiently, but it also helps you feel fuller longer. While this is now proven, it’s safe to say a real chilli head only wants to eat more and more chilli to feed the fire that burns inside. Legend has it, people who can withstand large amounts of chilli actually descend from dragons. (Okay that bit was completely made up, but it would be cool wouldn't it!)

Jeepers Reapers RevengeAs it's currently summer, there'll no doubt be a large amount of you walking around with red runny noses, blotchy skin and streaming eyes. Hay fever can be a nightmare and really put a dampener on high spirits. I bet you didn't know that Chili is a natural antihistamine! That means it could also help with other mild allergies too. So next time you're at a family barbeque and the pollen count is high just throw some Daddy Cool's Jeepers Reapers Revenge on your burger!

There are so many health benefits to our little fiery friends, it's near impossible to fit them all onto one post.  The only safe conclusion to come to is that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. If you have any more great health benefits to share, or any comments at all please get in touch.

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