Warrington Chilli Festival

There really is no rest for the wicked! While most people relaxed this weekend and no doubt did absolutely nothing other than laze about with a beer in hand, Daddy Cool and his helper Gary were hard at work. Okay so it isn't quite as bad as it sounds, because wherever Daddy Cool goes there's always a trail of crying men and women alike to provide quality entertainment!

That's right, the mad man's been on tour again and this time his adventures led him to Warrington, an incredibly exciting town famous for being the first paved town in Lancashire! Okay, sarcasm aside Warrington was the place to be last weekend (Aug 6th and 7th) and if you weren't there where on earth were you?! You should have been at Warrington's Chilli Fiesta, which was hosted by Chilli Fest UK.

Like all great adventures, it started with a gallon of coffee and a 5AM set off. Driving as smoothly as possible to ensure the highly volatile hot sauces in the boot didn't combust and "blow the bloody doors off!" (If you didn't read that in a Michael Caine voice you're way too young!) Daddy Cool arrived in good time and set up shop, leaving enough time to check out the competition and it's safe to say there was a very high standard!  

The clock struck 10am and just like that, business was booming. People queued for the chance to grab a sample and a bottle of XXX-BADBOY-XXX before joining the queue for a tissue. There was actually so many people crying around the stall, puddles formed 🙂 We even sold out of our famous Ghost Pepper Sauce and were down to our last bottle of XXX-BADBOY-XXX (think the xxxbadboyxx may become a regular feature and come out of our limited edition section very soon).

Of course XXX-BADBOY-XXX can't take all the glory, as people were dying to get their hands on Daddy Cool's pickles too! In fact it was one of the milder products which stole the limelight all together! After two great days of business, socializing and eating the fun had to end. The stall was packed up, organizers were thanked and it was time to hit the road. 

Smoky Chipotle BBQ SauceAs the car pulled into HQ and those post chilli fest blues started to kick in the phone lit up. The perfect end to a perfect weekend. Yet again Daddy Cool has won an award! The UK Chilli Sauce Awards run by Chilli Mark Burns have crowned our Smokey Chipotle BBQ Sauce as the best mild sauce! (Who said we can't do mild?) For all those who voted Daddy Cool as your favorite, thank you, you're awesome!  Hey join the fun next year at Lowestoft Chilli Festival, it’ll be a good one…




What's next? If after reading this you're just dying to join The Daddy on a fiery adventure why not take a look at what events are lined up for the up and coming months? Everything you need to know is right here! 


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