Darth Naga Reviews Daddy Cool's BBQ Sauce

Hi chilli padawans, hows it going? I hope you all had a cracking easter and stuffed yourself silly with lots of chocolate and other shite, while i sat at home and dieted….being a fat bastard has its drawbacks!

Anyway, with that out of the way allow me to introduce a newcomer to the chilli scene, this sauce today comes from a guy named Steve Cooley, who runs “Daddy Cools Hot Sauce” over in Glossop, he’s an artisan sauce maker who has about 5 sauces in his range currently as far as I can tell (this figure may be wrong lol) and is always developing new flavours and products in his range.
He sent me this sauce for a review a little while ago, and I thought I would do it justice and review it for the Chilefoundry, so without further ado, lets get down to business…

Ingredients: Scotch bonnet, lime juice, honey, cocoa powder, smoked paprika, apples, onions, salt, black treacle, tomatoes, smoked hickory, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, chipotle chilli powder.

Seeing as summer is just around the corner, means that BBQ season is upon us (as is chilli festival season!) and this sauce is perfect for that! “Daddy Cools Smoky BBQ Sauce” is one of the first sauces brought to us by Steve Cooley, and it seems to be getting more widespread recognition of late, judging by the reviews on their facebook page and twitter stream, so I thought I’d get off my arse and get my review up as well!

The bottle itself is a relatively typical of the hotsauce industry in the UK, (although at time of print and in the video I must point out that Steve has recently switched to the more widely used sauce bottles that 90% of the UK hotsauce manufacturers use!) and has a little horned dude on the front, who has disturbingly wild eyes, along with the name of the sauce in a pseudo wild west style lettering, accompanying this is the typical ingredients list and other things such as website address and whatnot.

Tbh, as always I go bleat on about this sauce, and you could read it and go “that sounds nice!” but instead, I like to show you my true reaction to the sauce, and this should tell you whether or not its a winner in my eyes, so please, enjoy the video.


You can put this sauce on most things, but especially BBQ, it has a smoky sweet taste that lends itself perfectly to cooked chicken, pork, beef, ribs etc etc. Obviously in the video I did not have a BBQ to hand, nor all the meat necessary to make such an assumption, but its pretty much a no brainer that this stuff will go well on charred summer food!

You can buy it from www.daddycoolspeppersauce.co.uk for around £3.50 a bottle plus P+P, and while you’re there there are other sauces he does, including a couple for the mental headbangers among you who like their bollocks blown off with heat!

Right, that’s it from me for another Chilefoundry review, please keep watching and reading and don’t forget to like & share the video and subscribe to the youtube channel (www.youtube.com/darthnaga) until the next time my chilli padawans, may the sauce be with you, always…take care!

Value (7/10)

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