Hayfield Farmers Market And Sheep Dog Trials

So right now some of the hardcore Daddy Cool fans may be thinking "hey Daddy Cool, where have you been hiding lately?" The truth is, there's no one answer to that question. The best answer to that question would be to say that wherever there's been a food festival, there has also been a trail of numb mouths, a whole load of "oh wow’s and one big cheery looking Geordie.

Most recently Daddy Cool conquered Hayfield Farmers Market and Sheep Dog Trials. Now I know what you're thinking, and don’t worry, all sheep dogs were kept well away from the hot stuff. Like all great farmers markets there was tons of local produce and a load of men in tweed. Okay, so not that much tweed as the weather was actually brilliant. Families came from far and wide to try Daddy Cool's nuts and like any good salesman Daddy Cool provided! (You got to try his nuts in your mouth).

As usual, the sample pots were set up and ready for passersby to try the latest weird and wonderful products, but this time round it was two products in particular that really shined, while we attended the Hayfield event, we secretly sent some of our items to the National Chilli Awards that were been held in Brighton that weekend, hosted non other by “Fiery Foods UK Chilli Festival” Low and behold we had a couple of winners, to our delight our Garlic & Papaya Pickle was crowned "Best Pickle/Mustard" in this category and for good reason too! For anyone who doesn’t know, it tastes kind of like an angel breakdancing on your tongue. If that's too hard to imagine, I guess you'll just have to buy some! 😉

"But wait, you said two products shined?"

Well it's not just the pickle that can put a smile on a judge’s face. As it happens, judges are keen on a bit of a rub too! (Please note, if you happen to find yourself in a court room, please don't fondle the judges.) I am in fact referring to our Chipotle BBQ Rub! The same dudes who loved our pickle decided that we also make an absolutely brilliant rub that simply can't be messed with! So as you can imagine, that’s another Daddy Cool special that was flying off the shelves throughout the weekend. I think it's safe to say the majority of Hayfield was rubbing their meat good and proper that weekend once we announced our category winners.

All in all it's been pretty good for Daddy Cool and his minions the last week or so. Awards seem to be coming from all angles and there's no sign of them stopping. Why not checkout the online shop and see if there's anything you haven't got round to trying yet?

Smokey Chipotle Dry Rub

Category Winners – 2016

Best Spice Blend/Rub – Smokey Chipotle BBQ Rub (Mexican Flavours)

Best Pickle/Mustard – Garlic & Papaya Pickle

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