Happy Halloween 2016 – West Didsbury Sunday 30th Oct

As darkness rapidly devours our days and that familiar smokey aroma fills the cold wet autumn air, the mind begins to wonder about the approaching holidays. As it's only October, it's technically illegal to mention that big pain in the arse lurking in December, but there's plenty of fun to be had before then. 2016 has been the perfect year in many ways, and has built up to this year's Halloween perfectly. "Killer Clowns" have been terrorizing the streets of and towns of the UK causing public safety concerns, while on the other side of the sea Trump and Clinton have been striking fear into the hearts of quite frankly, the rest of the world!

Now right now you may be asking yourself, "what on earth has Halloween got to do with Daddy Cool?" And the answers are in the plenty. I mean the devil on the bottle should say it all really.  For example, isn't the most popular saying at Halloween "Trick or Treat"? Why not trick everyone at your Halloween party by dousing the savories in copious amounts of XXX BADBOY XXX. You could even add depth to the trick by hiding the loo roll. Okay, okay so admittedly spiking your mates grub with reapers might not be the best way to liven up the party, but a bag of Superhot Chilli Nuts in a bag of party favors is definitely a way to ensure people are talking about your party for the foreseeable future.

Now you may be wondering what Daddy Cool will be doing this year on the 31st of October. Well frankly it'll probably involve lurking around Glossop dressed as a clown like everyone else, because why not. (if you’re struggling to picture it, imagine Captain Spaulding from The Devil's Rejects but with a case of hot sauce and a touch more insanity.) The day before Halloween however, you can find the man himself, without the makeup, doing what he does absolutely best which is opening the minds and broadening the taste buds of the masses. This time you can find him and the team in West Didsbury at yet another brilliant Maker's Market. Not only will there be the usual tempting goodies to be found at the market, but a great selection of bars within walking distance so you can drink yourself into such a state it'll be virtually impossible to answer the door to those pesky trick or treaters the following day. Not such a bad idea, is it?! See ya’ll there 😉

Jeepers Reapers Revenge - Hot Chilli Sauce

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