Southport Chilli Festival 2017

That's it. The sun's been out for a couple of days now and it's starting to look a bit like summer. For the very lucky few of you, you'll be jetting off across the world and delving into new cuisines. The only real problem there though, is you might not have your Daddy Cool's in your luggage. The real lucky ones are the absolute legends who'll be heading to Southport Chilli Fiesta!  

There's a million reasons to head to Southport on June 17th, but we're not the Southport tourism board so we're just gonna tell you about the absolute best thing. We live and breathe chilli and that’s exactly what you can expect to be buying by the bottle, pint glass or seed. Obviously, you’re gonna be able to get all your favorite Daddy Cool products there as well as products you probably didn’t even know existed. Have you ever drunk a spicy beer? I bet you haven't! Ever competed in a chilli eating contest and won? Probably not but I bet you want to don't you!?  

This isn't just an opportunity for you to stock up on sauces and snacks, no! This is an event for all the family. Unlike every other extortionate festival going on this summer, this one won't involve £300 tickets, zombified teens and enough mud to bring "lonely this Christmas" back into the charts. Entry is completely free, and you should never miss out on a freebie. There will be live music like all good festivals and after trying a few chilli infused beers or gins, you're gonna want to dance.  

Can't make June 17th? No worries, Daddy Cool's got his family covered and will be hitting up chilli festivals and food markets all summer, so watch this space.  

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