North East Chilli Festival

It's been a hot week. Sweaty brows fill the streets and sticky bodies fill the sheets. But as the week comes to a close we begin to see the end of excessive cider drinking and sunburnt dad bods. We can finally turn our attention back around to the things that keep us warm the rest of the year.  No, I'm not referring to your Nan's cuddles, although I'm sure they're lovely. I am in fact talking about all things spicy! 

By now you probably know that the best way to get that real chilli fix is to head on down to the next chilli festival. And that’s exactly what you're gonna do! From the 30th of June, right up until the 2nd of July the North East Chilli Fest Is the place to be. As if the North East of England wasn’t brilliant enough, there's now the opportunity to camp over and enjoy everything the chilli industry has to offer.  

There will be live entertainment as usual and you can enjoy numerous musical acts, including Smoove and Turrell, Nick Pride and The Pimptones, Dennis, SoShe and the Monster Ceilidh Band.  You may be thinking " I'm not entirely sure who any of these people are" but after a few bevy’s and a belly full of good grub you won’t care!

North East Chilli Festival 2017

Over at the North East Chilli Festival everything goes exactly as planned. These guys have been doing this now for 6 years and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Retailers and artisans are coming from far and wide to showcase the very best the UK has to offer and YOU are the main ingredient. Holidays are expensive. And festivals are even more expensive, unless of course you roll them both into one chilli filled musical camping bonanza. For £30 you've got yourself a weekend of fun and between me and you, it's way better than Glastonbury because Glastonbury doesn't have Daddy Cool (this year)! 

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