Reaper Ketchup Wins

Ketch The Reaper Achieves 2 Gold Stars From Guild of Fine Foods 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard before, but one of our products has been making quite a name for itself. It’s taken years to perfect and through sheer determination we’ve done it. A Carolina Reaper ketchup laced with just enough of the world’s hottest chilli to make you work up a sweat without being afraid to go back for more. Our Chilli Tomato Ketchup has been on shelves for some time now and it was always destined to achieve great things, it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.  
In 2018 we enter our Reaper Ketchup into the Great Taste awards and it was a great success for Daddy Cool that year the most celebrated product of 2018 was our Ketch The Reaper, the tastiest reaper ketchup on the market. Our famed chilli ketchup arrived, wowed the judges and was awarded the standing ovation of all awards, 2 gold stars from the Guild of Fine Foods.
All bottles of Ketch the Reaper will now proudly wear the 2-star Great Taste Award as it makes it way to kitchens around the UK. The Great Taste Awards aren’t the only people to have great things to say about this chilli condiment either. It’s also had raving reviews from Gillies Chillies, a local Sheffield chilli product reviewer and a massive thumbs up off our friend on Instagram Condimaniacs but most importantly the thousands of people who have tried and tested it in their own homes.  
We even became a Great Taste Producer in 2018, who knows what 2019 shall bring us this year!
If you’d like to hear more about what goes into the best reaper ketchup on the market, check it out in our store now. With this on your fry up you’ll wonder why you ever bought regular ketchup!

Reaper Chilli Ketchup

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