Shrewsbury Food Festival 2019


Breaking news! Our superhot chilli sauce, Nil by Mouth is superhot.

It may come as a surprise to some, but recent events suggest that “Superhot Chilli Sauce” is in fact superhot.

Over 25 thousand hungry souls descended onto Quarry Park last weekend for the annual Shrewsbury Food Festival. A festival which showcases the best artisan foods from around the country. As with all great food festivals, one of the best parts is grabbing the chance to sample all the amazing foods.

Daddy Cool loves giving members of the public a chance to taste what’s possibly the best hot sauces and chilli products around. Now it should go without saying that when sampling superhot chilli products, you proceed with extreme caution and you should only try what you can handle. It seems this wasn’t common knowledge for some and albeit Daddy Cool’s suggested uses fell on deaf ears on some products “Nil by Mouth” isn’t just a chilli sauce, it isn’t a condiment and it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. It should only be used as an additive to foods or for extreme hot wing challenges. If the XXX Badboy is too hot for you then your more than likely not able to handle it, the advice given when the brave and stupid react by saying “What’s Your Hottest Mate” We do explain that it’s not one for any form of beginner to try and only a seasoned chilli head could manage it in its naked form, saying that on your own head be it, we have warned you! This is all information Daddy Cool himself tells people before they try it.

Nil by Mouth Sample REMOVED from Food Festival.

Even with this information, however, 4 individuals still found themselves in the medic tent only for an ice cold gallon of milk and a belly rub off the paramedics, now belly rubs are somewhat beneath the duties of a paramedic, so if you’re ever struggling with the heat, grab some ice cream or milk and rub your own damn belly! Stop wasting the paramedics precious time by whining about a superhot chilli sauce you tried and never listened to advice from the creator avoid wasting any more of the paramedics time, we were politely asked to take our sample of Nil By Mouth off the shelf but for those panicking, don’t worry it’s still available.

You can still buy Nil by Mouth at Daddy Cool stalls and or contact us in person via Facebook. It’s the hottest product around and you should only buy it if you think you can handle the hottest of the hot. Only a small amount is needed to heat up a stew or curry and should only be consumed by responsible adults.

After that been said you accept full responsibility and are fully aware of the contents of this superhot chilli sauce called “Nil by Mouth” or any similarly named products that contain extreme heat and that you will handle them responsibly. The product shall be used entirely at your own risk and you understand the danger if you handle this product incorrectly.


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