Reaper Ketchup Takes Awards 2019

Ketch The Reaper (Reaper Ketchup)

I think we’re doing something right! Daddy Cool has worked hard to make sure all of his products have more flavour than Flava, more bite than Luis Suarez and more bang than a microwave full of coins. But now on top of that we have more awards than Judi Dench. Admittedly not for acting but I bet Dame Judi Dench isn’t too hot on cooking up Reaper Ketchup either.

If you like to keep up to date with what’s new in Daddy Cool’s kitchen, then you’ll already know about the sizzling success at the 12th annual Hot Pepper Awards. The celebrations have only just died down and the champagne bottle is awaiting recycling, but there’s another bottle just dying to be popped open! The World Hot Sauce Awards is the Oscars of hot sauce. A stage for only the very best chilli-based condiments and lucky for us, Ketch the Reaper got an invite!

The ketchup category had some stiff competition with the likes of Mr Vikkis and Men Pa’w Gourmet Hot Sauce with their latest creations but as usual we played it Daddy Cool and brought home the bacon. Ketch The Reaper won the award for best ketchup while competitors were left to, well… Ketch-up!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to try our world-famous Reaper Ketchup, now is definitely the time. You can almost taste the awards with every spoonful, and boy do they taste good! Respect to all who entered. 🙂

Reaper Ketchup, Ketch The Reaper

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