East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival 2016

You may or may not have read the last article posted on here about the East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival. If you didn't read it, this is your cue to check it out! For those of you who do keep tabs on Daddy Cool and his adventures, here's the lowdown!

As much as I'd like to say it all began with a couple of beers that would just be silly. There was plenty of preparation and a bit of driving and THEN there was beer, so we'll start there. The actual festival run by Chilli Bob begun on Saturday but for all of us that were just too eager to get going there was camping on the Friday night. The night basically involved a good old drink up with the other awesome vendors as we exchanged chilli stories over a campfire and sang Kumbaya in a circle. (Really).

Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce

Saturday morning didn’t have the best start. For some crazy reason the big man upstairs thought it would be a great idea to greet us all with what seemed like all the heavens had to offer, but little did he know it takes far more than a bit of rain to dampen Daddy Cool's spirits! Perhaps he wasn't a fan of the devil logo? Who knows!  Thankfully the rain didn't last all day and the festivities continued on right through the day and night. The highlight of Saturday was definitely watching faces turn all shades of red as people from all over the UK sampled Daddy Cools XXXBADBOYXXX. If you don't already know, it's basically Hell in a bottle with a mountain of flavor for good measure (no extract). Later that day and after plenty of business it only felt right to celebrate with a generous helping of Mad Hatter's Cider and more mingling with great people, particularly The Chilli Geeks! It was a great honor to finally meet those two! At around midnight it seemed like a good idea to recuperate and thank god we did!

Chili and Artisan Festival

Sunday was glorious. Business was booming and so was the sun! We even met up with other chilli growers who made the journey for a little gathering to see what all the fuss was about which can only mean one thing, it was done right! Even though there was some incredibly tasty food available almost everywhere you looked it was the stottie cakes from my home turf that won the taste test along with smoked cheese given to me off Mark Byrnes! A big shout to the boys from home Steve Young (aka Papa Smurf) and Ryan Tonks for bringing these down for me to take home (well home I mean Derbyshire these days) .

It seems only right to give a shout out to; Harry Johnson, Dean Finley, Pete Frisby, Baron Peter Dixon, Steve Yong, Ryan Tonks, Chilli Jay, Mark Byrnes, Si Borg Holmes, Chilli Bob (host) and of course the beautiful Dianne Marie who brought the sun and shine with her. (forgive me if I've missed anyone as we met loads of people).

East Midlands Chilli Festival 2016

Another big shout out goes to my partner in crime on the day Gary Coleman who without him I doubt I would of made it, good man, beers on me next time 😉

You all made Daddy Cool's first chilli fest an epic one. Here's to plenty more in the future!

If you need to go to a Chilli Festival then next year make sure you go to the East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival 2017, this is going to get bigger and better I can guarantee that!

See you all there next year.

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