Guild of Fine Food – Jeepers Reapers Revenge

Yes it’s official. Jeepers Reapers Revenge tastes great! At this point you may well be thinking "well that's a little big headed of you isn't it?" and while Daddy Cool thinks all of his mad creations taste great, this time we're serious.  

Every year around 10,000 products are sent to test centers to be carefully examined by the best palates in the world. Everything from tea to, well, hot sauce is carefully critiqued and only then, the very best products are given the Great Taste seal of approval!  

So What Did They Think? 

Well after the blind tasting test, all judges gave their verdict. Not immediately however as there would have undoubtedly been a period of screaming, heavy breathing, possibly swearing and plenty of milk swishing. After that brief chaotic outburst, judges described the sauces flavor a having "lots of fruit to balance the heat" and having "a good tongue numbing effect". It's safe to say it does what it says on the tin!  

After a long and nerve-racking wait the verdict came in on Daddy Cool's Jeepers Reapers Revenge sauce and its good news! The judges loved the product and decided that it was more than worthy of sporting a Great Taste star!  So in the not so distant future you can expect to see your favorite hot sauce sporting a very flattering Great Taste logo.  

Not Our First Rodeo! 

What? You thought Daddy Cool was new to this game? Well you're wrong! Last year Daddy Cool's nuts were greatly appreciated. Yet another brave panel of judges embraced a fiery journey while chilli snacks were pitted against each other in a fight to the death. And the winner of the battle? Daddy Cool's Super-Hot Nut's of course! So now they hold the National Chilli Award's "Best Chilli Snack" title!  

What next? 

Well apart from taking over the world's taste buds, we hope the path ahead  is filled with awards year after year and that shouldn't exactly be hard! Daddy Cool will continue to deliver great tasting products for as long as you brilliant people need to feed the fires in your bellies!

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