Man Wants meet Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce

When we met Steve and the gang over at a Food Festival earlier this summer, we were instantly excited to write an article on Chillies – ‘The Danger Food’. Over at Man Wants we write lifestyle articles for the modern man with journalism that surrounds Food, Fitness and Health. After catching the enthusiasm of the Daddy Cool team, we were really interested to find out more about how Steve grows the Chillies from his premises in Glossop and why eating such fiery foods has become a well-loved challenge for many foodies.

We were instantly impressed by the extensive collection of unique chilli recipes, sauces, jams and relishes that ‘Daddy Cool’ had to offer. Their range combines locally sourced ingredients to deliver a fresh and unmistakable Chilli hit, which can be worked into any meal or dish. They even have a range of Chilli Snacks! We got the chance to try out a selection of Daddy Cool Chilli Sauces, Chilli Jams & Chilli Relishes including their Ghost Pepper Chilli Sauce, Jeepers Reapers Revenge, Fatalli Attraction and Jamokie Chipotle Jam. We had the chance to try out XXX Bad Boy Chilli Sauce but nobody has yet stepped up to the challenge…

It was great to chat with Steve and test his Chilli knowledge, he was able to separate the facts from fiction when it comes to the myths surrounding Chillies and even filled us in on some of the potential health benefits of eating Chillies and fiery foods.

The article ‘Daddy Cool Chilli SaucesFiery Foods to get you feeling fighting fit!’ is now up and available to read on our site at Man Wants. We hope you enjoy the article, as much as we did trying the sauces. Please drop us a comment with some feedback.

Thanks team Daddy Cool and thanks again Steve,


Man Wants

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