Great Taste Awards 2017

Guild of Fine Food

It's happening already! The nights are getting slightly darker and if you're located anywhere near England you've probably already dug out your water proof jacket. For many, the excitement of summer has faded alongside the post festival hangovers and trimmed summer bods.

You may be in desperate need of some good news to brighten up the future as the sun increasingly refuses to do so. Luckily Daddy Cool has other ways to warm your inside with products hotter than the sun. As it just so happens, some of those products are so out of this world, they have now been awarded stars of their own!

Yet again the time has come where all the mad scientists of the food industry flock to show the world just how amazing their grub is! Over 12,000 products were entered into the Great taste awards hoping to come away proudly wearing a Great Taste Star. Any keen Daddy Cool enthusiast will know that last year our very own Jeepers Reapers Revenge came home with it's very own Great Taste Star (not an easy task for a Hot Chilli Sauce), it was only fair to give a few other products a chance this year.

It may come as no surprise that Smoky Chipotle BBQ Sauce had the judges wowed. Its great flavour and versatility ensured there wasn't an unsatisfied taste bud in the room. It was awarded a Great Taste Award Star and will be around for years to come. Other products which were lucky enough to receive a star include our Jamokie Chipotle Jam and Chipotle Dry Rub. The judges couldn’t get enough and as this summer's food festivals have shown, neither can you guys and gals!

Daddy Cool will be making an appearance at Penrith Chilli Fiesta along with the newly awarded products and all the favourites. If you still haven't tried them or simply love a food themed adventure, head on over to Penrith on the 26th of August and be sure to say hi! That is of course before competing in the chilli eating contest. We hope to see you there!

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